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Leaders in Innovation

what we do at mis

We live and breathe our purpose reflected in our mission statement so that it shines through every product or service our innovators/entrepreneurs offer, every stakeholder & partner we work with and every initiative we take on. Together, we can build something greater.

Collaborative Approach

Groups of students work together to solve complex problems, complete tasks, or create products/services

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This is the hallmark of the Society activities and programs which initiate and adapt to change


The Society promotes a high sense of moral and ethical standards in all its dealings with stakeholders and the public.


In all actions and interactions, the Society maintains and strives for ethical behaviors, professional etiquette and honesty.

God Fearing

The Society respects all the religious differences & rules therein and promotes all that which is considered morally right.

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Our Mission

“To create the future of millions of youth in East Africa through training, Inspiring and Empowering Quality and Competent innovators and job creators who are Committed, Creative, of High Moral and Professional standards for effective demand-driven jobs creation in Uganda and the region at large.”


UGX 50,000

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Our Plan

In the next 2 years, we plan to to extend our activities to all regions of Uganda and we target to have 200,000 children and the youth benefit from this program. This will cover 6 public universities, 15 vocational institutions, 200 secondary schools and 100 primary schools in Uganda



Our Vision

“We believe passionately in the power of innovations & entrepreneurship to create the future of students and create thousands of new job opportunities for the youth annually”

Students happy at MIS

dinah kwagala

makerere Innovation society changed my life

It's amazing the way I learned things so fast and all the friends I made while at the innoivation camp everyone here is great and very welcoming with solomon and his team being great at what they are doing

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