There are many technological advancements happening on our planet during this digital age, the most recent and crucial one being Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence. All these technologies help us predict that the future will be driven by machines and the language of tomorrow is coding. Therefore there's need to prepare our children and youth to be fluent in coding.....

On the fifth day of July 2021, we launched the first coding platform that brings together children and youth to learn computer science.

This program will be empowering children and youth with coding schools for 40 days in each quarter of the year. Our first cohort consists of 100 children & 100 youth who were selected to learn two separate computer science introductory courses. Children began with Scratch coding while the youth were introduced to Python & HTML.

During the 40 days each quarter, a team from Makerere Innovation Society will be conducting coding workshops in Universities, vocational collages, secondary and primary schools both physically and virtually across Africa. In the next 5 years through this initiative, MIS plans to empower millions of children and youth across Africa with digital skills required to thrive in the 21st century workforce. The impact of this project will be measured by the percentage of participants who can come up with fully functional projects at the end of their cohort.