We are proud to announce that Makerere Innovation Society has been selected among the 41 organisations participating in the first year of Scratch Education Collaborative (SEC). Scratch Education Collaborative: a global network of organizations supporting kids from historically marginalized backgrounds in developing their confidence with creative computing.

The SEC met for the first time on July 19, bringing together organizations from 13 countries around the world. The meeting explored topics from the importance of building trust with your program participants to the power of Scratch as a storytelling tool.

In the first year of the SEC, the Scratch Foundation will be hosting workshops focused on topics like creative coding, equity, and community building; leading gatherings for SEC members to connect and collaborate with each other and the Scratch Team; and helping each organization develop an Equity Toolkit that will support them as they grow and scale their support for the learners in their community.

Makerere Innovation Society is committed to learning from and collaborating with global organisations in developing resources which can create sustainable impact in Africa by creating the future of children and youth. The skills acquired from SEC and equity-centred toolkits developed will directly benefit over 1 million children and thousands of teachers and parents in Africa over the next 2 years.