Each year, Makerere Innovation Society joins the rest of the world to honour and celebrate the International day of the Girl Child. In 2020, the theme of the day(October 11, 2020) was "My Voice, Our Equal Future". Girls with different backgrounds came together and shared their stories and discussed the theme of the day while inspiring the audience....

Makerere Innovation Society hosted four special guests; Molly Nantongo, Atim Patricia, Akot Sharon and Melody Arindangye who inspired the audience with their uplifting stories and words of encouragement to the girl child.

"I am a pharmacy student at Mbarara University but aside from that I am also a research assistant so I offer myself to participate in research cohorts, I am currently part of a hypertutary research cohort 2 which is an HIV focused research that is taking place in rural areas. I am also an innovator and so I am going to basically bench what I am going to share to do with innovation. I was in a single-sex school for my O-level and then I changed to a mixed school in my A-level and that opened up my eyes to realise that girls need to be, I don't know if I should say the word she-rude but we need to get assertive & actually get to working because the world sort of has a platform where boys, men have an easier way forward to achieve things you know they are looked at as stronger. If you go to apply for a job, they're going to be like haa you're a girl, you're going to get emotional, you won't manage & so I realized that we have to get ourselves up as ladies & actually be assertive & work hard & so I have been able to quite a number of things & attend different conferences. Now what I want to share with everybody is that one of of the most important things, I think I am echoing the words of the previous speakers is being focussed, having a goal & utilizing every single opportunity that comes as long as it is going to lead you to that focus. If you want to be in the medical field, make sure that nothing in the medical field passes you by, if there's an opportunity to do research participate, if there's an opportunity to volunteer please do that, if there's an opportunity to do anything there is it is always good to always participate when you can. The more you do all these things, the more you get your name out there, the more skills you acquire, the more people are able to notice you. It does not benefit if you want to be good & you just sit down & be like Oh my God I pray someday someone miraclasly finds out that I am good at this. So let's get ourselves out there I am sure each one of us as girls have something important they can offer to the world in our different areas that we are in. So let's get out there and be good at what we do & that's when we shall also be able to lift up all the other people & be role models for other people to look up to." said Melody Arindagye

Many girls.